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  • About TSTM (Senior) Exam

    In order to motivate young students towards Mathematical Olympiads, the Bihar Mathematical Society (BMS) started organizing Talent Search Test in Mathematics (TSTM) since 1993 for school students of standards VIII and IX all over (undivided) Bihar. TSTM is more or less a pre-test for RMO in the sense that the first thirty successful candidates of TSTM, called TSTM WINNERS, are allowed to appear at RMO. This experiment has been a grand success since Rishi Raj, a student of Class IX from Bihar, selected in merit list of TSTM, bagged a silver medal at the IMO for four consecutive years. It was a unique achievement which astonished almost all Mathematicians associated with the Olympiads.

    In order to make this test Olympiad oriented the BMS has prescribed the following syllabus for TSTM(Sr.) examination and the distribution of marks is made accordingly :
    Group A : 5 questions from the curriculum of standard VIII and IX
    C.B.S.E /I.C.S.E/B.S.E Board ……………… 5x10 Marks
    Group B : 5 questions (beyond the class curriculum) from the following topics
    5x10=50 Marks
    1. Number Systems : Natural Numbers, Integers, Rational and Real Numbers.
    2. Equations : Linear and Quadratic Equations.
    3. Inequalities : Triangles Inequality, AM-GM-HM Inequality.
    4. Geometry : Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles
    5. Co-ordinate Geometry : Co-ordinates, Distance and Section formula, Incentre, Circumcentre, Centroid and Area of a Triangle.
    6. Theory of numbers : Prime and Composite Numbers, Congruence, Fermat’s and Wilson Theorems, Square Numbers and Pythagorean Triads.
    7. Combinatorics : Simple Permutation and Combination, Induction Principle, Highest power of n in Pigeon Hole Principle (PHP).only elementary type questions will be asked on this topics

    3. Eligibility :

    A regular Student of standard of any recognized School of Bihar is eligible to participate in TSTM (Sr.) ExaminationVIII and IX. TSTM (Sr.) the age of a participant as per School records should not exceed 16 years on 31st March of the appearing year.

    4. Examination Centers :

    TSTM (Sr.)Examination will be conducted at certain specified towns of Bihar. However, it may also be conducted in other towns provided the number of participants in that town is not less than 1000,they will be required to appear at Patna centre. Student will have to appear at the given centre at their own cost.

    5. How to apply :

    Same as TSTM(Jr)

    6. Application fee :

    Same as TSTM (Jr)

    7. Examination Pattern :

    The questions for written examination will be of subjective type.There will be no negative marking.You are advised to follow NCERT text books of standard VIII and IX. Choose your reference books wisely and follow it. The details on the reference books are given here. Two and half hours will be given to answer the questions.

    8. Training Programme :

    Short term training programme conducted by subject experts may be arranged for intending candidates from 13th September to 20th September 2019.The desirous candidates for short programme may contact the office of BMS Patna.

    9. Examination Results and Marks :

    After the evaluation of the answer scripts and preparation of the result the same will be communicated to the first 30 successful candidates in the merit list, called the TSTM (Sr.) Winners. Marks obtained by a candidate may be communicated to him/her. A copy of the result will be displayed in the office of BMS Patna and on its website

    10. Medals and Certificates :

    Certificates to all TSTM (Sr.) winners and medals to first three TSTM (Sr.) winners will be awarded at a function to be announced after the result. Besides, all TSTM (Jr.) Winners are entitled to appear at the next TSTM for classes VIII/ IX without making any payment. Top three rank holders will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals along with cash prize and remaining 27 TSTM(Sr) winners will be given a certificate of merit and consolation prize.