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Welcome to Bihar Mathematical Society

The Bihar Mathematical Society (BMS) was established on 01st February 1958 at Bhagalpur. The aim and objective of the society is to provide a common platform for teachers, scientists and research scholars from different parts of the country to exchange ideas for improvement in the field of Mathematics.About700 National and International Life members of the society have been contributing substantially to the activities of Bihar Mathematical Society directed towards attainment of its goal. The society was registered in 1983 under the society Registration Act XXI of 1860.

1.Founder Member of BMS:

A Commiittee of Bihar Mathematical Society was formed in 1958 in the chairmanship of Prof (Dr.) B N.Prasad, at Bhagalpur. He was the first Indianto be awaded the state D.Sc Degree in Mathematics of the University of Paris and long after didPh.D from Liverpool in 1931. During his stay in Europe he visited many countries like Scotland, Germany, England, Ireland,France,Italy and came in contact with mathematicians likeProf.G. Hardy, Lebesgue, Hilbert, Hadamard and several Eminent Mathematician of the world.

(1) Patron- Sri B.P Jamuar,The first Vice Chancellor of B.R.A University, Muzaffarpur (Formerly Bhagalpur University).
(2) President- Dr.R.Shukla, Head, Dept.of Mathematics,L.S.CollegeMuzaffarpur. He did Ph.D from London.
(3) Vice President- Prof. Jay Narayan, Head Dept. of Mathematics T.N.B College Bhagalpur. He did M A from London.
(4) General Secretary- Dr. S.N. Prasad, Dept. of Mathematics TMBU Bhagalpur.
(5) Treasurer- Prof. K.D. Khemka - Dept. of Mathematics, Marwari College, Bhagalpur.

Members of the Society:

Prof. P.B. Gupta - Principal, T.N.J (Now T.N.B) college, Bhagalpur.
Prof A.P. Chatterjee - Dept. of Mathematics, T.N.B college, Bhagalpur.
Prof. T.N. Sinha - Dept. of Mathematics, T.N.B college, Bhagalpur.
Prof. I.N. Singh - Dept. of Mathematics, T.N.B college, Bhagalpur.
Prof. R.S. Sinha - Dept. of Mathematics, T.N.B college, Bhagalpur.
Prof. Shambhu Nath - Dept. of Mathematics, Marwari College, Bhagalpur.
Dr. L.K. Sharan - Dept.of Statistics, Marwari College, Bhagalpur.
Dr.(Mrs.) A. Mukharjee - Dept. of Mathematics,and Principal S.M. College, Bhagalpur.

Mathematical Society has been able to create a distinct impression in the mind of the elite of the society, and we hope it will continue to do so forever.

2.Patron Members:

The Chancellor of the Universities of Bihar shall be Ex-officio Chief patron. The Vice-Chancellor of each University of Bihar shall be an Ex-officio Patron of Bihar Mathematical Society. The Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of every University of Bihar shall be an Ex-officio member of the society.

3.Aims & Objectives of theSociety :

The aim of society is to encourage and promote study and research works in India and beyond the sea. Its work is to compile publish journals,books and reports. Society also invite outstanding scholars to deliver memories and special lectures on their own contributions. Society also assists, subscribe to cooperate with other society having objectives similar to itself. For establishing a forum for the research workers and teachers for exchange of ideas through regular periodic meetings. Except this to remove phobia of mathematics among students, to select talented students through TSTM Olympiad, its aim is to train the students by Talent nurture programme and to create much interest for the subject of mathematics.

4. Journal of Bihar Mathematical Society

Bihar Mathematical Society has been publishing its journal named as “Journal of the Bihar Mathematical Society”(JBMS) since 1961.The first Volume of Journal was released by former Vice-Chancellor Prof. B.P Jamuar in 1961. The ISSN No. of the Journal is 0972-8716 .

5. Conferences & Seminars:

So far 11 conferences of BMShave been held in the Universities and Colleges of Bihar. The first conference was held on 1970 and after that manyconferences, seminars and workshops were held by BMS.

6.Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad

Bihar Mathematical Society has been organising Talent Search Test in Mathematics (TSTM) since 1993 for school going students of standards VIII and IX in all over Bihar. It was also started from 2002 for the students for the class of VI and VII. Society has been organising TSTM olympiad for class VI to XII from 2020.

7. Talent Nurture Programme :

Bihar Mathematical Society has been conducting Talent Nurture Programme in different levels since 2020 in all Districts of Bihar. The objective of of the programme is to identifying and nurturing talented students through Training,Seminar, Conference,Workshop, lecture and Mathematical exhibitions. It is also to strengthen their foundation in Mathematics and enable them to evolve into outstanding Mathematicians and Teachers. The students are selected on their performance in the written and oral test. The programme will help the students to understand fundamentals of Mathematics,and overall serve the basic needs to pursue higher study in Mathematics.

The programme will be classified into three categories:

(i) Level – I TNP for students of class VI to XII.
(a) Sub Level –I (class VI to VIII.)
(b) Sub Level –II (class XI & X)
(c) Sub Level-III (Class XI &XII)

(ii) Level –II TNP for students of B.Sc and M.Sc.
(a) Sub Level –I (class B.Sc and Competition Exam.)
(b) Sub Level –II (class M.Sc and Competition Exam.)

(iii) Level –III TNP for competitive examinations
Like UPSC, BPSC, NET, Banking, SSC and other competitive Examinations

Contact Address :

Dr Vijay Kumar
Convener cum Executive Joint Secretary
Bihar Mathematical Society
College of Commerce,Arts and Science,Patna.
E-mail :

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    Online Webinar 27.10.2021 at 04:00 to 06:30 organized by Madhepura District with the collaboration of Bihar Mathematical Society

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    Felicitation ceremony of TSTM Olympiad Winner 2020 held on 03 April 2021

    Felicitation Ceremony TSTM Olympiad Winner 2020 Organised by EAST CENTRAL RAILWAY

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    A Felicitation Programme of TSTM Olympiad Winners 2020 would be held on 3 April 2021at Railway officers club Mahendru Ghat, Patna from 10 AM organized by East Central Railway Hajipur.

    Bihar Mathematical Society is conducting TSTM Olympiad ( Class 6 to 12) and TNP training programme( Level 1-Class 6 to 12, Level 2- B.Sc & M.Sc, Level-3 UPSC, NET) for 2021.

    The Winner of TSTM Olympiad 2020 & BMS Members are cordially invited to attend online meeting on 11.02.2021 from 4 to 5 PM

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    Instruction for TSTM Olympiad Examination 2020

    बिहार मैथमेटिकल सोसाइटी के टीएसटीएम ओलंपियाड का मुख्य दिनांक 12 जनवरी 2021 को आयोजित किया जायेगा। इसके पूर्व दिनांक 10 जनवरी 2021 को पूर्वाह्न 11:00 बजे से 12:30 बजे अपराह्न आयोजित माॅक टेस्ट के लिए आवश्यक निर्देश :-


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    Online Training 2.10.20

    An online training programe of the applicants of Talent Search Test in Mathematics Olympiad and Talent Nurture Training programme- 2020 of Bihar Mathematical Society is is going to be conducted from 18.09.2020 at 10.00 AM.

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